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[Video] – Birds of a Feather – stories from a conflict zone

On the south-eastern edge of Europe, two communities remain divided on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, playing host to one of the longest UN peacekeeping missions. This documentary looks at the contrasting personal memories formed on a post-conflict space after decades of physical separation. The well-oiled narratives of each community’s official histories have left little

Telephon networks to be united next month

President of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Fikri Toros expressed that works regarding the usage of mobile telephones in the whole island within the framework of confidence building measures package are in the last stage and the system will start to operate as of beginning of July. Adding that all mobile telephone operators lean towards

Turkey election results: what you need to know

Since 2002, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s AK party had always won a majority in every Turkish election. National elections, local votes, and in the more recent presidential one, Erdoğan always won comfortably. This year, however, the party lost its parliamentary majority and saw its share of the vote fall. Make no mistake: the AKP remains Turkey’s

Turkish election results

Turkey’s Sunday parliamentary election suggests that four major parties will enter the parliament. With more than 99 percent of the votes counted, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) was well ahead of other parties with 41.18 percent, gaining the party 256 seats in the parliament, just below the threshold of 276 seats, the