Arikli: Turkish Plan B is implemented, there is no need to be officially announced


Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi newspaper (08.08.17) reports that Erhan Arikli, chairman of the illegal Turkish settlers’ Revival Party (YDP), has argued that it was not necessary for Turkish side’s Plan B to be announced officially or named, as “it is anyway being implemented”. In a written statement issued yesterday, Arikli alleged that the “opening” towards the Maronite Cypriots was a part of this plan and claimed that the opening of the occupied fenced off city of Varosha under Turkish administration would come onto the agenda and lead to improvement of the breakaway regime’s economy.

Referring to the “Immovable Property Commission”, Arikli argued that the “law” providing for special tax on the gains from the increase of the value of properties should immediately be approved. He said that the relevant “draft-law” had been prepared in Turkey, took its final shape in the occupied area of Cyprus and was sent to the “assembly” three years ago, but it was never discussed since then. Expressing the view that both the “government” and the “opposition” wanted the entire amount of the compensations to be paid by Turkey, Arikli wondered whether Turkey was a “cash cow” and added that when [occupied Greek Cypriot] properties were “turned into Turkish”, the holders would become 4-5 times richer and therefore they should pay a part of the compensations. “The immovable property commission is a rare opportunity for us”, he claimed.

Also alleging that Turkish Cypriot leader Akinci was attacked both by President Anastasiades and by some “submissive circles” in the Turkish Cypriot side for his stance on the Cyprus problem, Arikli claimed: “What else should Akinci have done? What concessions he should have given? From that point on is a full submission. Neither Akinci nor anyone else can put the full submission onto the agenda. Talat could also not put it in the past”.

Source: PIO

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