Arikli: The return of Maronites should be legalized


Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (31.07.17) reports that the chairman of the “Rebirth Party” (YDP) Erhan Arikli, in a written statement, evaluated the “decision” taken by the Turkish Cypriot side to proceed to the “unilateral opening of Maronites’ villages to return back for residence” and described the “decision” as positive.

Arikli stressed the need to “establish the legal basis” for the return of Maronites to their villages. “The council of ministers should start working urgently for the preparation of the legal basis on this issue and should bring it into the agenda of the assembly the soonest possible”, Arikli alleged.

Arikli added that although his party support the “decision” for the return of Maronites to their villages, it will refer the issue to the “constitutional court” if no “legal regulations” take place first.

Source: PIO

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