@AnastasiadesCY announces confidence building measures

Thank you CAD for the translation 🙂

The President of the ROC Nicos Anastasiades has announced some Confidence Building Measures:

1) On Saturday when he meets with Mustafa Akıncı he will personally hand him 28 maps identifying minefields on Pentadaktylos left behind in 1974 by the retreating Greek‬ Cypriots‬
2) The management of ‪‎Turkish‬ Cypriot places of worship (such as‪ Mosques‬) to be handed over to ‪‎Evkaf‬
3) Turkish speakers will be hired for the Public Citizens Service Centres
4) Support for the reunification of the Cyprus‬ ‪‎Football‬ League



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  1. Andy GeorgiouAndy Georgiou said:

    Progress at last… But still feels as if all these (especially numbers 1-3) should have happened a long time ago. I mean Turkish is an official language of the Republic of Cyprus and allowing mines in pendadaktylos? Simply reckless.

  2. Yiallif TahipasYiallif Tahipas said:

    Well Akinci already commited to that, so anastasiades had to put something on the table too. These are small compared to varosha but still a sign of goodwill

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