Anastasiades ‘spews fire’ at foreign pressure

GC President Anastasiades speaking on a TV programme yesterday blamed outside forces including the UNSG Ban Ki Moon and US Ambassador John Koenig for pressurising him.

Anastasiades who spoke on MEGA TV last night literally ‘spewed fire’ at the UNSG and US Ambassador. He said he was being pressured into returning to the negotiating table without taking into consideration the sovereign rights of the GCs.
He claimed that he had received various promises including one whereby Turkey would lift embargoes on Cypriot vessels entering their harbours; however 5 days later the NAVTEX was announced.
Anastasiades said that at the UNSC meeting in September everything was ‘a garden of roses’. He underlined that under no circumstances would he accept threats and pressures to return to the table. 

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