Albayrak:We will commence our first drilling in the Mediterranean before the end of this year


Under the title “A surprise visit from Albayrak and Atun to Barbaros”, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi newspaper (09.06.17), on its front page, reports that Turkey’s Minister of Energy Berat Albayrak visited last night Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa vessel, which is carrying out seismic research activities off the coast of Cyprus.

According to information obtained by the paper, Álbayrak arrived in the occupied airport of Tymbou (“Ercan”) in the occupied area of Cyprus with a private plane and from there he flew to Barbaros vessel with a military helicopter.

In a short statement to the press on Barbaros vessel, Albayrak said that Turkey will be more active in research and drilling activities in the region. He also announced that Turkey spent 55 billion dollars on energy and this is hardly the one and a half of its current account deficit.

Stressing that there are great potentials in the Eastern Mediterranean basin, Albayrak said: “There is an important potential in the Eastern Mediterranean. We, as Turkey, will be involved in this, with both a drilling platform and a research”.

Meanwhile, Albayrak, who was accompanied by self-styled minister of economy and energy Sunat Atun during the visit on the vessel, attended an iftar fast-breaking meal with the soldiers, the personnel, Atun and the Undersecretary of Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez.

Albayrak also made some statements regarding the activities of Barbaros. Explaining that the vessel has completed two thirds of its 3D seismic research activities, which is approximately one thousand 695 square metre, off the coast of occupied Famagusta, Albayrak noted: “We estimate, accordingly to the new information we obtained, that at this moment the speed goes really well and we will complete by the end of this month all 3D seismic research activities in the area despite the fact that our plan was until July 10. Immediately after, our Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa vessel will continue new 3D seismic research activities from here to the central Mediterranean and we estimate that it will complete its seismic research in two or three areas until by the end of this year. (…) We hope that within this year we will buy our own vessel and we will commence the drilling in the Mediterranean and in the Black Sea. (…) we will commence our first drilling for natural resources in the Mediterranean before the end of this year.”

Source: PIO

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