Akinci’s advisor on the steps to be taken for Maronite’s return


Bayrak television (29.07.17) broadcast that Erhan Ercin Akinci’s “special adviser for diplomacy and EU affairs” has said that developments that have started with the process to resettle Maronites in their villages will continue.

Speaking on a private TV channel, Ercin argued that positive results will emerge as the Turkish Cypriot side takes sincere steps.

“Our road map as of this stage will be to take realistic and reasonable steps, both domestically and abroad, against all obstacles, in line with the demands and expectations of the Turkish Cypriot people” he alleged.

Stating that the Turkish Cypriot side was not rushing this process, Ercin alleged that the period ahead will be spent changing things in a good way.

“The steps taken regarding the Maronites was important in showing not only the Turkish Cypriot people but the international community that some things can change for the better rather than accepting the situation as it is in the absence of a settlement to the Cyprus Problem” he claimed.

Ercin also argued that it was important to find common ground and take healthy steps when considering that the international community was now watching and observing the Turkish Cypriot side’s reactions.

Alleging that the Greek Cypriot side had shown that it was not ready for a federal partnership in Cyprus, he said that “they will continue their efforts until conditions for a federal settlement are conducive, by not solving domestic issues and further developing relations within the international community”.

Ercin also claimed that the Turkish Cypriot side had taken clear and solution focused steps in Crans-Montana within the framework drawn by the UN Secretary General.

“As the UN Secretary General clearly pointed out…the two sides need a period of reflection. We are going through a serious process of reflection and various steps will be taken until conditions for negotiations are once again favourable” he said.

Source: PIO

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