Akinci:Parameters have roughly come up and what is left is political will and determination

Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (16.10.15) reports that Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci has said that even though Turkey officially recognizes the breakaway regime in the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus, it cannot implement the requirements of this recognition in every field. Addressing yesterday the opening ceremony of Canakkale 18 March University in Istanbul, Akinci noted that divided Cyprus has been a member of the EU for eleven years and alleged that “the EU dynamics” for the solution of the Cyprus problem “has been abolished”.
Akinci argued:
Now we cannot say that let us solve these problems by using the EU processes, because the southern part [Translator’s note: This is how he describes the Republic of Cyprus] has already entered into the EU.
All these years the only thing we saw on the recognition issue is that only the Republic of Turkey recognizes us. And I want to share with you my view frankly on this issue. Of course, the way by which we are welcomed here we cannot see it in any other part of the world. Our brotherly feelings on this issue are beyond everything. […]”
Akinci said that Turkey also faces problems deriving from the international rules and added that they are aware of that.
For example, a Turkish team cannot come to the TRNC a play a match. That is, it cannot play with us even a friendly match. Why? Is it because it does not want it? No. it is because it will be punished by UEFA and FIFA. When it is paired with south Cyprus, it has to go and play a match. Is it because it wants to do it very much? If it does not go, it will be punished, it will be excluded. […]
Even though the Republic of Turkey officially recognizes us, it cannot implement the requirements of this recognition in every field. It does not recognize south Cyprus, but it cannot implement the requirements of non-recognition in every field. Even your closest one, no matter how close is to you politically and with your brotherly relations, every nation, every country has its own special problems and troubles. And these have in a way been very serious barricades until today for the recognition of the TRNC. These barricades still exist today. I have chosen a mission for myself. Politics is the art obtaining what is possible. Politics is the art of obtaining what is possible by protecting your rights, not by surrendering. […]”
Referring to the Annan Plan period, Akinci argued:
“I do not know any other community in the world, which, in spite of the fact that it has voted ‘yes’ to the solution and the EU, remained outside the solution and the EU with the ‘no’ vote of another community. […] During that period I said: ‘What we have to do is to support the accession of a politically equal two founding-state structure to the EU with the solution by taking the rights of the Turkish Cypriots, ensuring their equality. We have to support Turkey to be given a date to begin its accession talks only in a process parallel to this’. Unfortunately this was not accepted”.
Referring to the Cyprus talks, Akinci said that the parameters have roughly come up and what is left is political will and determination. He alleged:
We have this determination. The government of the Republic of Turkey has it. We are carrying out these efforts in consultation with them. Have we covered some distance? Yes we have. Within these five months, important developments were ensured on three of the six chapters, that is the governance and power sharing, the EU issues and the economy. There are still three chapters left. The property, the territory and the security are the most complex issues. In any agreement the equality, freedom and security of the Turkish Cypriots are issues which must definitely be settled. I want this for the other community as well”.
Referring to the bomb attacks in Turkey, Akinci said: “If Ankara cries, Nicosia also cries. If the Republic of Turkey mourns, the TRNC also is in mourning. I share this great pain of yours”.

Source: PIO

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