Akinci:Necessary to take on initiative on Varosha under UN observation

Independent candidate Mustafa Akinci held an event at the Near East University Ataturk Cultural Centre to kick off his campaign.

Several TDP MPs such as Mehmet Cakici, Huseyin Angolemli and Zeki Celer attended as well as the TDP party leader Cemal Ozyigit. BKP party leader Izzet Izcan, Nicosia Turkish Municipality Mayor Mehmet Harmanci and KTOEOS GS Sener Elcil were amongst the spectators.
The press and media report that Akinci was given a standing ovation when he entered the hall.
In his speech, Akinci explained a little about his political background and what had brought him to the stage for candidacy for the Presidency. He explained that many people noted as Mehmet Harmanci had been successful as Mayor, it was time for him to take the Presidency and he added that the TC public were calling for change.
Akinci went on to say that a solution based policy was needed in the country as the status quo was full of threats. He pointed out however that the two sides needed to understand one another in order to move forward and said a solution was also an economic way out.

Akinci explained that it was necessary to take on initiative on the matter of Varosha – this would lead the way for employment for the youth and give the public a breathing space. This could be carried out under UN observation.
As well as the Cyprus issue, the President’s duties also extended to the community and their issues. Akinci said he wanted to be part of the internal matters.
On relations with Turkey, Akinci said this was of the utmost importance and added that relations depended on mutual respect. He pointed out that in relations with Turkey, you should not be one that surrenders or fights but one that negotiates; he noted there was a need for civilianisation and democratisation and it was time to get over the motherland-child country understanding. Lets live by people he said. 



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