Akinci:In case of a non-solution,2 separate states will continue by taking roots side by side


Turkish daily Milliyet newspaper (07.08.17) reports that Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci has signalled that in case a political solution was not found in Cyprus, they would head towards a “two separate states” solution. In statements to Milliyet’s correspondent in the occupied area of the island, Akinci claimed that in case of a non-solution, “the two separate states will continue by taking roots side by side”.

Akinci reiterated the accusations against the Greek Cypriot side for the failure of the Cyprus Conference in Crans Montana and alleged: “We want a peaceful relation on the island. We will continue speaking the language of the world. We are the side which approved the federal solution in 2004. We have been the side which pushed for a solution in all the processes since then. This culminated in Crans Montana. The Greek Cypriot side is the one that took no steps. […]”

Accusing the Greek Cypriot side of being like a bride who does not want to dance and makes up various excuses, Akinci claimed: “I am saying what happens in the flow of life. Either we will find a formula under a federal roof on the basis of equality based on sharing. Something which we have tried to do and the Greek Cypriots did not accept. In this sense, we do not need to speak ill of the UN parameters. The Greek Cypriots are the side which was not in harmony with these parameters. The whole world saw this. If the one side does not accept these parameters, this means that it is not ready to share. Then, two roofs exist anyway. Now look, the issue is the following: Two states exist anyway. One is not recognized. What we have been saying until today? Either we will establish a federal solution and we will turn the TRNC into one of two equal founding states or if this does not happen, these two separate entities will continue taking roots. Could these two entities meet under the EU roof? The conjuncture will determine this. We want to become part of the world”.

Akinci reiterated the allegation that behind closed doors the Greek Cypriot leadership accepted that the rotating presidency would have been accepted in the end, but said the opposite to its community. Referring to the February 2018 presidential elections, Akinci described them as “an important opportunity for the Greek Cypriots to come face to face with what they want” and alleged that the Greek Cypriots should decide whether they wanted a solution in which two politically equal entities would live under one roof. He also accused the Greek Cypriot leadership of not preparing their community for a solution.

Referring to the opening of the occupied fenced off city of Varosha, Akinci said that the fact that the city remained closed for 43 years benefited no one and that a way out should be found. “I have said this before the elections. I asked for the closed [city of] Varosha to be of service to the people and not the snakes. I said that the Greek Cypriots could return here under UN supervision. However, I demanded the opening of the Famagusta port together with the Tymbou airport for international flights. […]”

Noting that there was no decision regarding occupied Varosha at this stage, Akinci noted: “However this [the opening of Varosha] will be examined with all its political and legal aspects. It is important to be in harmony with the UN while taking this decision. We attach importance to this”.

Source: PIO

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