Akıncı says important duties will fall on everyone with a solution

According to Bayrak (26.12.15) Mustafa Akıncı has said that conjuncture for 2016 was ideal for a settlement.

Speaking at a New Year’s reception held at the Besteden in Nicosia by the Union of Chambers of Cyprus Turkish Engineers and Architects, the President said that despite the significant progress achieved in the Cyprus talks there still remained areas of divergence and disagreement.

He reminded that they were working towards reaching a settlement that would be mutually acceptable for both sides.

Stating that it was their duty to make the Turkish Cypriot people a part of international law, Akıncı said that important duties will fall upon both architects and engineers as and when a solution is reached.

“While we the leaders are the political architects of a settlement, you architects and engineers will be the true physical architects of a settlement” Akıncı added.


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