Akinci rebrands official car

Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci recently upgraded the number plates on his official car, replacing the old words with a new dove logo.

Since the leadership of Rauf Denktash, the official licence plates used by Turkish Cypriot leaders depicted only the leaders’ title.

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  1. Teun Van GelderTeun Van Gelder said:

    A nice Mercedes benz , O lord give me a Mercedes benz !

  2. Peter ConstantPeter Constant said:

    @greeksinart #Greek #Cypriots sell #Cyprus to #Turkey via #EU= #Germany & to blessings from #USA and #UN! Traitors stop!

  3. Peter ConstantPeter Constant said:

    @greeksinart When #Turkey takes over whole #Cyprus the fate of all #Cypriots will be far worse than #Kurds’. Slavery!!

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