Akinci proposes the discussion of all issues as a package, convention of a conference in June and postponement of the natural gas drillings


Turkish Cypriot daily Ortam newspaper (18.05.17) reports that Turkish Cypriot leader, Mustafa Akinci has said that during his meeting with President Anastasiades yesterday he proposed the unconditional convention of a conference in Geneva in June and the discussion of all issues “with the approach of a package” which will lead to a result.

In statements in the occupied area of the island after the meeting, Akinci argued that they “could not see a reasonable reply” to their proposal and alleged that President Anastasiades submitted pre-conditions and not proposals. Describing the approach of President Anastasiades as “not constructive”, Akinci claimed that “it is not possible for any Turkish Cypriot leader to accept such a method”.

Akinci reiterated the view that July includes “potential dangers” and this is why they proposed June for the convention of the conference in Geneva. He also argued that the election campaign has started in the Republic of Cyprus, the “natural timetable” is working and we should make use of the time.

Claiming that it has been proved that at the point we are it is not possible to reach anywhere by discussing the issues one by one, Akinci argued that not only at the leaders level but also at the negotiators level there can be no result in this manner and therefore a “package approach could lead to a result”.

Akinci alleged that the method of discussing all issues as a package has not been tried in the past, like President Anastasiades said. He claimed: “Our proposal is in full harmony with the 14 February 2014 agreement’s basic principle of discussing all issues interdependently. The Greek Cypriot leader has unfortunately submitted pre-conditions and not constructive and creative proposals. Putting on the table pre-conditions which cannot be accepted and calling them constructive and creative proposals will not lead the process to a result and a solution”.

Referring to Cyprus’ hydrocarbon recourses, Akinci said that he submitted a proposal on this issue and, reiterating the allegation that “unilateral explorations and drillings will cause tension”, added: “Therefore, our warnings until today were not taken into consideration, we suggested that they should be taken into consideration from now on and [the drillings] should be postponed”.

Replying to questions as regards the timetable and the proposals, Akinci alleged that in case President Anastasiades’ stance is not changed, neither he nor the leaders who will succeed him will be able to carry out negotiations with him.

Akinci further said that UNSG’s Special Advise on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide will brief the UN headquarters on the developments and that he expects Eide to objectively convey what happened to the UNSG.

Source: PIO

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