Akinci: Political equality,freedom and security are the fundamental elements

Turkish Cypriot daily Detay newspaper (09.08.16) reports that Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci has said that political equality, freedom and security are the three minimum fundamental elements to be ensured for the Turkish Cypriots while building the future of Cyprus. Addressing a ceremony in occupied Kokkina village yesterday, Akinci argued that the Turkish Cypriots want to live in security, freely and as an equal community in their own area, adding that the Turkish Cypriot “people” see no other alternative than Turkey providing their security.

Akinci noted that in case the ongoing negotiations result positively, the Turkish Cypriots will have their own police, parliament, government and coastguard. “In parallel to this, as the community fewer in number we want, of course, the continuation of Turkey’s guarantees”, he said alleging that this is a wish of the Turkish Cypriot “people”.

Referring to the Kokkina incidents, Akinci alleged that the Turkish Cypriots exhibited a very serious resistance example and if there was not for Turkey’s help, the result could have been much worse. “If I said that we are continuing today the same quest as the struggle and the quest of those days, it would not be wrong”, he claimed and added: “Our most important duty is to take lessons from the past and build the future. The most important point for not repeating the past is taking lessons from what happened in the past. If we do not take lessons, the same things may be repeated. [?] The Turkish Cypriot people see no other alternative than Turkey providing their security.”

Noting that they are also facing internal problems, Akinci expressed the view that it would be a mistake to leave the solution of these problems to the period after the solution of the Cyprus problem. He noted that problems will continue to exist after the solution of the Cyprus problem, but the difficulties deriving from the fact that they are outside the international law for 53 years and the non-recognition of the “TRNC” will be solved with their participation in the international community.

Source: PIO

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