Akinci to Haber Turk: I intend to bring peace to Cyprus, I have no other plan


According to BRT(25.2.2016), Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akıncı evaluated the Cyprus negotiations process on a program that is broadcast on Haber Turk.

Evaluating the latest phase reached at the Cyprus negotiations, Akinci explained about the developments that took place at the Cyprus negotiations table between himself and the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiadis and referring to the unsettling dimensions of the situation.

“There are lists at schools with the dates of commemorations, all of these are good events but they want to add a day to commemorate Enosis. This event actually harmed people” Akinci said.

Reminding that according to research carried out the Greek Cypriot youth were far from wanting a solution on the island, Akıncı said Enosis was the mother of all evils on the island and therefore this wrong message should not be passed on to the youth of the island and called for the decision regarding the Enosis plebiscite to be rectified.

“Anastasiadis is now saying that it was a bad decision and that it shouldn’t have happened. He could issue a new notice in parliament to make changes, that’s what we are waiting for” said Akıncı.

“By rectifying the mistakes he can prevent the negotiating table from being overturned” Akıncı said and added that the reason behind the crisis could be the 2018 elections in the south of the island.

Explaining that it wasn’t the first time a crisis was experienced at the talks, Akinci reminded that a crisis had emerged because he had held discussions with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Noting that the Cyprus issue should be kept outside of internal politics, Akinci said that out of the 6 chapters needed for a solution the most important chapter was the issue of territory.

Emphasizing the fact that if an agreement is to be reached then the issue of territory needed to be solved, Akıncı said “if an agreement is to be reached then some of the land we gained during the peace operation needs to be returned. We will agree on this later but currently we haven’t reached an agreement yet. There is a map in the vault but we have not given a map to the Greek Cypriots”.

Explaining that an agreement not supported by Turkey will not be realized, Akıncı said that Turkish officials were fully aware of everything that has taken place.

“Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavusoglu came to the “TRNC” the other day and we discussed the Cyprus negotiations process. He told us that they understand and embraced our position” said Akıncı.

He added that although the Cyprus negotiations table had been shaken it had not been toppled and that he had come to the table to realize plan A, that being bringing peace to the island.

“I have no other plan” said Akıncı.

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