Akinci: Guarantees were not the only problem during the Cyprus Conference



Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (12.07.17) reports that Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci has alleged that guarantees were not the only problem during the Cyprus Conference at Crans Montana and that disagreements existed on issues such as property, territory and political equality. Speaking last night at a reception of the Turkish Cypriot Journalists’ Union on the occasion of “press day” in the occupied area of Cyprus, Akinci claimed that “all kinds of games” were played to prevent the realization of the demand as regards the “one positive Turkish Cypriot vote” in the institutions in which numerical equality would not exist.
He further alleged that the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey had exhibited the necessary flexibility for achieving a solution in this process and that the Turkish Cypriot side was “an actor not a figurant” both in Geneva and Crans Montana.

Referring to the presence of troops in Cyprus, Akinci alleged that the presence of 40,000 troops was preferred to a military force of a few hundred. He argued that clear messages had been conveyed during the conference that the guarantees could be evaluated and the system could be reexamined. He further referred to the existence of a “gap” on other issues besides the guarantees.

Furthermore, Akinci said that the sides had started explaining the reasons of the failure in Switzerland but that he would wish the UN to announce these reasons. He noted that he received the UN report on the extension of UNFICYP’s mandate and that reference to the Crans Montana Conference was made in this report. He said that in the report the UN thanked all sides which participated in the conference, which is a “typical stance exhibited by the UN”. Noting that the UN’s position was sensitive and that their role was to facilitate the process, Akinci said that the UN had tried to continue the policy of keeping equal distance between the sides.

Referring to the two years of negotiations with President Anastasiades, he said that a great progress had been achieved during the first year, but after September 2016, the Greek Cypriot side had allegedly gradually started to change its attitude and that in 2017 it had distanced itself from the solution.

Noting that they [the Turkish Cypriots] would carefully evaluate the situation, Akinci said that all Turkish Cypriot political parties agreed that they should have “a relation between equals” with the Greek Cypriots, that they would never become a “patch” to the Greek Cypriots, but at the same time that they did not accept to become a Turkish province. Underling that he did not say that everything ended, Akinci added that no one should expect him to accept all the conditions of the Greek Cypriot side.

Source: PIO

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