AKEL: The government and DISY presence at Grivas memorial service is a blunt provocation towards Cypriot society


Statement by Georgos Loucaides, Parliamentary Spokesperson of AKEL-Left-New Forces and AKEL Political Bureau member

The presence, for yet another year, of the government and the governing DISY party at the memorial service of Grivas represents a blunt provocation towards Cypriot society and our people, who is still suffering from the tragic consequences of the treacherous and fascist activity of EOKA B, whose founder and leader was Grivas.

Paying tribute – and indeed officially on the part of the government – to a person who throughout his entire life had become synonymous with fanaticism and the extreme right, bigotry, intolerance and chauvinism and whose actions spread death and devastation, leads to extremely negative consequences and ramifications.

It undermines unity on the domestic front that is so much needed, which the government and ruling forces evidently remember selectively.

It sends out erroneous signals with regards the Cyprus problem, at a particularly critical juncture.

It is an insult to the memory of those who fought and sacrificed their lives in defense of democratic legality in our country.

It creates preconditions for the endorsement by a section of the young generation of the fascist ideology and practices of Grivas, with all that this entails.

AKEL C.C. Press Office, 30th January 2017, Nicosia

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