Akansoy: 40 thousand persons will be granted a “white card”

Turkish Cypriot daily Diyalog newspaper (05.11.15) reports that Asim Akansoy, self-styled minister of interior of the breakaway regime in the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus, has said that the population which is foreseen for the Turkish Cypriot side in the negotiating process for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem is 220 thousand persons and that this number was given to the United Nations. In statements to Diyalog TV, Akansoy argued that the progress in the Cyprus talks should be taken into consideration when the “citizenship” issue is discussed and added:
“These efforts should be held in parallel. If a referendum will be held in this country after six months or after one year, there are certain numbers. We are making these arrangements simultaneously. The negotiating table is essential for us. There are some numbers submitted to the UN. It is out of the question for us making any arrangement which will spoil the negotiations. There is a number foreseen on the issue of the citizenship excluding the natural ways. […] This number is around 220 thousands. The number of those living in the TRNC and those who are citizens of the TRNC is anyway 220 thousands. There will be the issue of citizenship of the new state after the solution over this number. The persons who will remain outside this will take white card and if they have not become citizens they will gain the status of the permanent resident of the new state. They have to remain for a certain period of time for the citizenship and in the end they will become citizens of the new state”.

Replying to a question, Akansoy noted that the regime will give a “white card” to around 40 thousand persons who will be granted a permanent residence “permit”. “The white card holders will have the right to apply for the citizenship when they complete the period determined in the new citizenship law which will be prepared”, he said.


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