Afrika refers to allegations that an agreement reached on the population

Under the title “220 thousands the maximum”, Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (19.10.15) refers to allegations that the sides have “reached a certain agreement on the problem of the population from Turkey [living] on the island that constitutes one of the most fundamental issues of the negotiations” for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem.
According to the paper, the fate of the Turkish settlers has started to be clarified in the negotiations. Arguing that during the Annan Plan period the Greek Cypriots had accepted 42 thousand Turkish settlers to become citizens of the federal state, the paper claims that “the Greek Cypriots have started behaving more generously now”.
This number has been increased and raised to 220 thousands together with the Turkish Cypriots”, argues Afrika adding that “if 100 thousand Turkish Cypriots exist, it was accepted that the people from Turkey will be 120 thousands”. 
It is said that priority for the citizenship of the federal state will be given to those settlers who were born in Cyprus or are married to a Cypriot. According to Afrika’s information, those who remain outside this number will be granted the right to reside and work on the island based on certain criteria.


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