A solution hinges on @Anastasiadescy courage

IT LOOKS like two people are going to have a hard time as a result of Mustafa Akinci’s election last Sunday – president Erdogan and president Anastasiades.

For our president the problem is obvious and he will miss Dervis Eroglu. It will be almost impossible for him to convincingly argue that the failure to reach a settlement was because of Akinci’s ‘intransigence’.

I thought the answer of a middle-aged Turkish Cypriot, who was asked how he viewed the Akinci victory by a CyBC television reporter, was very telling. “We shall leave you with no excuse,” he said. These few words, by a man on the street, perfectly sum up the gist of the election of the new Turkish Cypriot leader for the Greek Cypriots.

As regards Erdogan, the differences appear to be personal. The reason given for the fall-out by Greek Cypriots………..

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  1. Klitos AnastasiadesKlitos Anastasiades said:

    since when handing over everything is called courage. I hope the writer wrote the article before Akincys late statements-demands. As for calling the opposite opinion clowns it makes himself a huge clown,

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