Citizens Platform Against the Partition of Cyprus to Junker

Citizens Platform Against the Partition of Cyprus sent an open letter to the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker which we present here:

Mr. Juncker,

Firstly, we would like to welcome you to OUR land and inform you that we truly want a solution to the Cyprus problem. It’s been too long.

Mr. Juncker, 41 years after the Turkish invasion in the north of our island, and the beginning of a deadly illegal occupation of 37% of our land, we have to restate some truths. For 41 years, Mr. Juncker, 200.000 Cypriots have lived away from their homes. We hope that you know about that. All these 41 years, we managed to live with so much uncertainty. We grew up seeing the occupation flag on our mountain, watching Turkish soldiers with their guns pointed against us, but somehow, we managed to live.

Mr. Juncker, we don’t want to “teach” you anything about our lives. We just want to convey to you our serious doubts about the so-called “solution” that Mr. Anastasiades and Mr. Akinci are trying to reach. You probably already know what a Bi-zonal Bi-communal Federation is, and where it eventually leads, but we suspect that “they” only told you half the truth.

We assure you that we are not trying to impress you, or anyone who will read this letter. But we are faced with a very important reality: We are refugees, Mr. Juncker. We have lived in this land for many years and we will never accept its partition. Maybe you can answer a few questions for us (with some help from the two negotiators).

1.        How could a solution which effectively leads to the establishment of two constituent states ever possibly lead to the reunification of Cyprus?

2.       Who can certify that the people of Cyprus will live in peace while Turkey still maintains a military presence of 40.000 soldiers on the island?

3.       How will the European Commission work towards a  solution when Great Britain and many other countries mollycoddle Tayip Erdogan and Turkey and no one dares speak the truth about 1974?

4.      Why do you insist on a Bizonal Bicommunal Federation, especially after 2004, when the majority of Greek Cypriots said NO to the racist plan of Kofi Anan?

5.       Why do you insist on talking about money and investments to people who have never lived peacefully and still suffer from the injuries of the Turkish invasion?

6.      Can you understand that bizonality will be the funeral of Cyprus and that the only one who will benefit from it is Turkey?

7.       Will you comprehend that these lands still give birth to refugees and no one can guarantee that they will return to their homes in Kyrenia, Morphou, Karpasia or Ammochostos?

8.      What about the war crimes, the Turkish Settlers, what about the EU acquis?

Mr. Juncker, we are not “rejectionists”; we are not afraid of a solution. As long as that solution can ensure our future on this island, without partitions, without bizonalities, without anything which could lead to an apartheid.

Mr. President, don’t accept the partition of a European Union member-state. Reject Bizonal Bicommunal Federation. Don’t accept the acquittal of Turkey. We live on this land, we are the future of it, not the Turkish army, not Erdogan. We want our lives, our rights and our villages back.

Citizens Platform Against the Partition of Cyprus
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