Bozkir: If the Cyprus problem is solved 13 chapters blocked will open: If the Cyprus problem is solved 13 chapters blocked will open

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (05.01.16) reports that Volkan Bozkir, Turkish EU Minister and Chief Negotiator, will illegally visit the occupied area of Cyprus tomorrow. Bozkir will meet with Turkish Cypriot leader, Mustafa Akinci, self-styled prime minister Ahmet Kalyoncu and the self-styled ministers of foreign affairs, public works and transportation, Emine Erk, Kutlu Evren and Tahsin Ertugruloglu respectively. He will also deliver a lecture at the illegal American University of Keryneia on the “political sciences and the international relations”. Bozkir will further give an interview to illegal BRT television.

Meanwhile, in statements to Haber Turk newspaper, Bozkir said yesterday that he is hopeful for a solution in CyprusHe said: “If the Cyprus problem is solved – and many hopes exist that it will be solved this year – the eight chapters blocked upon a decision of the EU Council and the five chapters blocked by south Cyprus [Translator’s note: This is how he describes the Republic of Cyprus] will open in less than no timeWe are in the position to open these 13 chapters within two months”.

Noting that he is extremely hopeful that a solution to the Cyprus problem will be reached, Bozkir argued that the developments are heading towards a text on which both leaders will agree and that a lot of taboos have been demolished. 
Bozkir recalled that water has been transferred to the occupied area of the island through undersea pipelines and that natural gas and oil have been discovered. Noting that these are important developments, Bozkir argued: “The paradigm changed, but Turkey is the one which made the solution possible, this should not be forgotten”. 

Recalling that eight chapters in Turkey’s EU accession talks have been postponed because of the Cyprus problem and it has been said that “no chapter will be closed”, Bozkir claimed that even though the EU did not open any chapter, Turkey has technically opened 15 chapters and closed one. He argued that actually within ten years they opened 28 chapters and came to the position of being able to close 15 of them. “We received conformation in the committees as well”, he concluded.

Source: PIO

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