Akinci: Instead of seeing the other side as an enemy we should see it as our future

According to Bayrak television (online, 28-12-15) Mustafa Akıncı expressed the wish that 2016 will bring peace and stability to the island.

He also added that he will continue to work hard towards making this wish come true.

Akıncı’s words came during a New Year reception he gave for media members.

Speaking during the event held at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Nicosia last night, Akinci reminded that 2015 was not a good year for the Middle East and expressed the hope that pain experienced in the region and in the whole world would end soon.

“My expectation from 2016 is to bring peace and stability both to the region and to the world. As the president, it is inevitable and a bounded duty for me to work hard towards enabling this. We need to make a big change in 2016. We should first change our understanding and instead of seeing the other society as an enemy we should see it as our future. I abstain from the mutual blame game. What we need is a new partnership, understanding and to start a new period so that we can save the Turkish Cypriot youth from an uncertain future. Let’s become one of the two founding states next year. Let’s become a part of international law. I believe that we can make this change together” Akıncı said.

“My call is also for the Greek Cypriot society which we will establish a partnership with” the President said and reiterated the hope that 2016 will bring peace and stability to the region.

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